Campaign Against Intro of Disabled Car Parking Charges

Before You Judge Us Read Our Reasons! 

How can the council force parking charges on disabled people when the meters are not even accessible? - discrimination

Why should we pay to park when Councillor Richmond and his conservative colleagues do not? - equality issue

Councillor Richmond said of the disabled "It would be like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas" - disrespectful

30 Minutes is not a long enough concession for those less able to carry out their business - 30 mins "lame" idea

Councillor Gilbert jokes that struggling disabled person is drunk - disgraceful
Ian Martin pretends to have limited arm movement in wheelchair to test accessibility of meters disturbing

Do you think that Cllr Richmond should be deceiving the public by saying "we want to be fair to the community" when the real reason the charges are being brought in is to go towards the councils cut backs. He is just trying to get make able bodied people be against disabled people - encouraging hate crime

Why should some of the most vulnerable member of society have their wallets hit to fund the councillor's big fat pay rises? No wonder they are suffering from sheep syndrome - despicable, shocking, we are so disappointed in you, hang your heads in shame.