Helping To Make Life Easier For Disabled People In The Boston Area


Published June 2018

"Ways to Keep Fit In Later Life" published on The Good Care Group's website


Published September 2017

Did you know here at Boston Disability Forum we are happy to provided free training in your workplace on how you can help your disabled clients? If you would like to discuss please contact us by email at the following address:

“Can I Help You?”

These four words are the most important you’ll say in a day at work.

Disabled customers might come to your counter to ask advice and if they do PLEASE don’t look the other way hoping they will go away, 

ask them “can I help you”.  

Blind people can’t read body language so won’t know if you just smile at them but say nothing;

Deaf people can’t hear what you are saying but often lip-read so you need to look them full in the face;

People with mobility scooters or using walking aids will not be able to pick things from a shelf so would welcome an extra pair of hands.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.



Helping to make life easier for disabled people in the Boston area.